Snowy Santa

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Snowy Santa

Snowy Santa is exquisitely designed bottle that was upcycled and uniquely created.

The bottle was hand designed by Shawn Ashman of ShawnAshmanArt.  Shawn embraces that idea of recycling and upcycying materials to create beautiful pieces of art and craft.  Instead of throwing away computer parts, unique bottles, used jewellery, beads and seeds, they are used to design pieces of work that can be used to decorate any space and provide a keepsake that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Shawn shares her design ideas and techniques by conducting classes:  "Paint with Merlot – Bottles".  Where her participants design bottles while sipping on a glass of Merlot.  These classes are offered in workplaces as a part of wellness programmes islandwide.  To qualify for a class, you need to register at least 10 participants you can decide on a venue or schedule the class for The Wine Shop at Southdale Plaza.  All materials will be provided: bottles, paint, brushes, apron etc. 

Shawn can be contacted for art classes at 876-410-5136,  Her fine paintings are sold on