Re'use, Re'cycle and Re'purpose

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What We Do...

Save your monies and upcycle.
We believe in conserving, creating and empowering.

The Re'Store concepts - encourages persons to reusing items that are in and around homes or offices. To Re'Purpose and Re'use them gives them new life. We feature an online store of a variety of items from all over the world. The items are reasonably priced and are shipped for free in Jamaica to the main post office in each parish. Our shelves offer a wide variety of usable products. Browse our online store to see the variety of items available. We empower persons to be creative and teach classes that are project based so at the end of the day you can apply your knowledge to a personal projects at home. Classes are available for both adults and Children. We accept donations of empty glass jars, wine and liquor bottles, computer parts etc. Contact us at: